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DELTA RACING 1100 Competition model

DELTA RACING 1100 Competition model

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oil viscosity

100% ester-based synthetic oil

It is a next-generation engine oil that combines the characteristics of vegetable oil such as detoxification of seals and oxidation resistance, while maintaining oil film maintenance performance, which is a characteristic of vegetable oil.

From all categories of racing engines to hard-tuned engines, we focus on oil pressure stability performance and oil film strength performance under severe conditions where the oil temperature exceeds 150 degrees, as well as shock absorption performance and fuel dilution resistance performance. Developed by dramatically specializing
We also give maximum consideration to the short-lived life that tends to occur in heavy-use oils. From motor sports to racing, this oil is tough enough to use even under harsh conditions, so we don't set it to a higher viscosity than necessary.


The Delta "Competition Model" Oil Series is the ultimate "Lubricated Parts" !

Delta Oil was born from the D1 machine with the ultimate tuning, such as engine power of 900ps or more and 6-speed dog transmission. The ultimate load was placed on the engine and drive system, and the frustration of having troubles over and over again became the starting point.
Delta Racing Oil is a "lubricating part" that Premium Japan proudly delivers.

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