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Eliminate the troubles of AT missions!

DELTA ATF is an automatic fluid controlled to prevent excessive slippage, while general ATF makes the clutch slip to eliminate the feeling of shifting. Degradation due to high temperatures is also minimized due to the minimal use of polymer and minimal performance degradation. Enables long sporty driving without damaging the complicated AT mechanism.


It is an ATF that has sufficient basic performance of Delta ATF Premium, and is compatible with a wider range of A/T mechanisms at a lower price. Not only for sports A/T cars, but also for hybrid cars, minivans, and light cars. It has high extreme pressure characteristics and is also compatible with CVT.


Compatible with high-power A/T vehicles and large-displacement / heavyweight A/T vehicles, circuit driving Viscosity does not easily decrease even in high load and high temperature conditions such as , and by giving it high extreme pressure properties, it transmits engine power without loss. During circuit driving, etc., it becomes difficult to enter the A/T control safe mode (a safe mode that prevents shift changes) due to the increase in the A/T oil temperature. In addition, the effect is fully demonstrated in commercial freight vehicles that load heavy objects and A/T vehicles such as 1BOX light vehicles.

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