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PREMAG db Type H

PREMAG db Type H

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Effectively removes "iron powder" inside the engine

"Iron powder" is generated in drive units such as transmissions and differentials, as well as in engines. "Premag db" is an item that efficiently adsorbs and collects this "iron powder", which is an unnecessary product in automobiles! Premag db is a small defender that keeps the oil in the engine, which lubricates at high temperatures, in optimum condition and keeps troubles away.

Heatproof temperature

In 180°C sports driving, the inside of the engine is constantly exposed to high temperatures, and the magnetic force of the magnet decreases. Premag db uses special steel with a heat resistance of 180°C, so it does not lose its magnetic force and has high heat resistance that prevents the magnet from falling off.

strong magnetic force

3500 to 4300 gauss Premag db uses a strong magnet "neodymium" with a high magnetic force of 3500 to 4300 gauss according to size. This strong magnetic force keeps impurities (mainly iron powder) from escaping even at high temperatures.

Commitment to materials

Pre-mag db uses steel material to ensure the strength of the threaded portion and prevent the magnet from falling off by self-adhering to the bolt. In addition, white chromate surface treatment is applied to prevent corrosion.

■ Product specifications

bolt shape hexagonal screw size R1/2
screw pitch taper screw length 15.2mm
magnetic force 3,500G Adsorption power 2.8kg
accessories none

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